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Updated: 08/01/2018

On this page you'll find a catalog of Neil Peart CDs, DVDs, books, drum equipment, and more. Rather than make this an exhaustive list of everything Neil's ever done, I've tried to focus it on both the basics—as well as some rare items. Note that some of these items are out of print, but you might be able to find them second-hand. I've included links to out-of-print transcripts online where possible. I'll continue to add items as I find them.

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Rush albums 


Rush CDs

See this page for an extensive list of reviews of all Rush CDs.

If you're just getting into Neil and Rush, I recommend the following (in chronological order): Fly by Night (1974), 2112(1976), Permanent Waves (1980), Moving Pictures (1981), Exit...Stage Left(1982), Grace Under Pressure (1984), Power Windows (1985), Roll the Bones (1991), Counterparts(1993), Vapor Trails (2002), Snakes & Arrows (2007), Snakes & Arrows Live 2 CD Set (2008), Rush: Time Machine 2011 - Live in Cleveland, and Clockwork Angels.

If you're looking to understand Neil's drumming style and technique, the best instructional DVD is Neil Peart Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performances.

Neil Peart solo CDs

See this page for more information about Neil Peart solo CDs and videos.

Echoes from the UndergroundVertical Horizon - Burning The Days

Burning for Buddy 1 Burning for Buddy 2 Jeff Berlin: ChampionMax Webster: Universal Juveniles  Rheostatics: Whale Music


Rush video 


I Love You, ManAdventures of Power

See my Adventures of Power page for an interview with director Ari Gold.

Rush documentary (Blu-ray and DVD)

Beyond the Lighted Stage2112+Moving Pictures Classic Album Backstage Secrets: On the Road with the Rock Band RUSH Snakes & Arrows Limited Edition






Neil Peart video


  Buddy Rich: Memorial Concert

Drum Channel videos with Neil Peart (online only)

Drum Channel

Neil Peart books


See this page for my reviews of Neil Peart books.

Clockwork Angels: The Graphic Novel

Clockwork Angels Comics - written by Kevin J. Anderson and illustrated by Nick Robles from a story by Neil Peart

Issue 1 - Released March 2014 (5 cover variants)

Clockwork Angels Comic 1 - Cover A Clockwork Angels Comic 1 - Cover B Clockwork Angels comic 1 - Cover A Limited Clockwork Angels #1 - Emerald City Comic Con cover

Issue 2 - Released April 2014 (2 cover variants)

Clockwork Angels comic 3 Clockwork Angels #2 - Rush/BOOM Studios cover

Issue 3: Released June 2014 (2 cover variants)

 Clockwork Angels comic 3 Clockwork Angels #3 - Rush/BOOM Studios cover

Issue 4: Released August 2014 (2 cover variants)

Clockwork Angels comic 4 Clockwork Angels #4 - BOOM Studios/Rush cover

Issue 5: Released September 2014 (1 cover)

Clockwork Angels comic 5


Fiction (with Kevin J. Anderson)


The Complete Tourbooks

Book foreword, afterward, or essay


Privately published books 

Information about Neil's unpublished books and select articles.Information about Neil's unpublished books and select articles.

Riding The Golden Lion
Privately published by Neil Peart in 1985
Limited Edition of 50 copies
39 pages with black and white photos

The Orient Express
Privately published by Neil Peart, year unknown (likely 1987 or 1988)
Limited edition of 50-100 copies

Pedals over the Pyrenees (or: Spain and Spokes and Trains)
Privately published by Neil Peart, 1988
Limited Edition of 65 copies
21 pages

Raindance Over the Rockies
The Cumberland Press, 1988
Privately distributed by Neil Peart
Limited edition of 50-100 copies
21 pages

the african drum
Privately published by Neil Peart in 1988
Limited edition of 100 copies
205 pages with black and white photos

Biographies about Rush, Neil Peart, or containing text by Neil Peart

In print



Out of print articles from books, newspapers, and the web


Bubba's book club

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I've also created a page that links to all of Neil Peart's books, as well as all books he's reviewed for Bubba's Book Club.

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Sonic Reality's Neil Peart Drums: Vol 1 - The Kit and Vol 2 - The Grooves

Go to my page about Neil Peart Drums.

Neil Peart Drums

Neil Peart on Jammit

With Jammit, you can isolate individual parts from the original master recordings. Also included is a synchronized notation for the part. Read more about how this works.

Drums and Cymbals

Paragon Cymbals

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Cymbals Order from Amazon  AndyO review (if I've used it)
Qty Part ID    
A nice accent or effects cymbal. Not loud or heavy enough for me to use in a live setting. 
This cymbal replaced my Zildjian "K" splash on my current kit. I've found that the heavier Paragon splash cuts through better for Rock music. 
For a while I kept using my Zildjian New Beat hi-hat. When I finally got the Paragon 13" hat, I was surprised at how much more expressive it was.
SABIAN 14" ARTISAN HIHATS    Neil switched to the 14" Artisan hats during the Time Machine tour. Sabian's Chris Stankee says of Neil's switch: "...Neil had decided to use the 14-inch Paragon Brilliant hats instead of the 13-inch ones he had always favored. For the X-hats he is using a pair of 14-inch Artisan Brilliant hi -hats that he fell in love with while working up his performance at the last [2008] Buddy Rich Memorial concert." 
I use these hi-hats on my practice kit with DW 9000 remote hi-hat. The 14" is definitely much heavier and less responsive than my 13" Zildjian New Beat hi hats. So, it depends on what kind of sound you're after. Neil uses the 14" hats as an "effect" -- that is, he doesn't open and close them.
Neil's 16" crashes are his "go-to" cymbals. For me, this is the perfect crash: It can be explosive but also subtle.  
This is a beautiful cymbal for Rock music. It cuts through just about anything my band can dish out. 


This cymbal is the crown jewel of the Paragon line. Sabian and Peart have taken the trashy high sound of the thin Wuhan china that Neil used for much of his career, and added depth and tone to it. This cymbal cuts out quickly, but not as quickly as the Wuhan. I depend on this cymbal for those moments when I want a fast decay sound -- something between a splash and a 16" crash.  
This cymbal is totally different than the 19" Paragon China. It's much heavier than the 19" and is closer to the Zildjian Pang cymbals, or "low" Chinas. 
I use this on my practice kit and find it's the most explosive crash I've ever hit. It also doubles as a pretty good ride cymbal, which I've heard other drummers say as well. 
I fell in love with the 22" Paragon Ride during the Snakes & Arrows tour. There was something about the glassy tone of the bell. Now I own two of these -- with brilliant and regular finish -- and I'm happy with both. 
SABIAN NP 20IN Paragon Diamondback   I recently bought one of these, and I can see why Neil likes it so much. It has the trash of the 19" Paragon China, with the unique rattle of the jingles and pins. Also creates great "explosion" effects (listen to the "Far Cry" chorus). 

Time Machine snare

Time Machine Snare

From the DW website:

Created to commemorate Neil Peart's latest drum set creation, "The Time Machine", each snare is a recreation of the drum Neil plays on tour.  It's not a signature snare drum, but rather a collectable reproduction.  The 6.5x14" Collector's series North American Maple shell with VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) technology provides optimal crack, warmth, bottom end and sensitivity. The drum is painstakingly finished with copper leaf-applied graphics and hand airbrush work. Custom copper hardware completes the look. Also standard is a MAG throw-off system with 3P butt plate, 3.0 True Hoops, True Tone snare wires and DW Heads by Remo USA. Available for a limited time only.

Watch this video feat. Neil Peart

Neil Peart's Connoiseur 'Snakes and Arrows' Snare

Subtle Natural to Candy Black Lacquer over Birdseye Maple with Walnut Inlays with Black Nickel Hardware

30th Anniversary snare

This drum was only available by special order only from DW. You can still find used ones on eBay and elsewhere.

30th Anniversary Commemorative drum kit

Kit details

Cost: $30,000 US  - SOLD OUT

Only 30 kits were made

Go to this page for the details about this drum kit.


Go to for everything you've ever wanted to know about Neil's drumsticks.