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For many of the demonstrations in Neil Peart's Master Class on Drum Channel, Neil uses a small DW drum kit, similar to the Buddy Rich kit. The finish appears to be champagne sparkle. Note that the kit doesn't include a left floor tom. Neil says at the beginning of this segment (Lesson 9) that this is a brand new set of drums that he's never played before.

"We thought it might be profitable to demonstrate a few things on a small set-up. And since my big set-up is on its way back to Canada for band rehearsals next week, it seemed like a good idea to spend this day just working around a smaller setup and illustrating some of the concepts. Because sometimes the big kit with the drums and everything can either be intimidating or, I think, distracting, where another drummer might look at it and think, 'Oh you need all that to do everything he's doing.' Of course for any drummer, the bass drum, snare drum, toms, cymbals, that's really all you need -- and what it's all built upon, the foundation of drumset playing. And the rest of it's just for color and fun."

Note: This Master Class was available on DrumChannel.com as an online video, but is not currently available. On the Fire on Ice DVD, there was a preview for this Master Class.

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