S.S. Professor: other reviews and stories

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Here are some other reviews and reflections by other people who saw the S.S. Professor tour. If you'd like me to post your story on this page, send it to me at ac_olson@hotmail.com.

Pat Mauro - Denver

I wanted to tell about my experience at the Drum Kit tour here in Colorado. It turned out to be very special!

After Lorne did his presentation, he hung out and chatted with most everyone, including me, before he had to start packing up. We went into the store, and Lorne, Tim Kae (Store Owner of Drum City), and myself were chatting. I asked Lorne if he knew what year Neil's 'Old No. 1' Slingerland was made, since I had a similar drum stolen from me. He told me he thought it was made in 1963 or so. I told him mine was a 1967. Tim was aware of my stolen drum also.

At that moment, Tim turned around, and grabbed a drum above his desk that I had seen before. It was a 1965 red sparkle Slingerland! (Just like his Neil's 1st kit!) At that moment, both Lorne and I realized, that Neil would flip over this!

I joked that I would outbid him for it! Lorne tuned it up, and I played a few licks on it to sound test it. As it turned out, Tim gave it to Lorne, and Lorne reassured Tim that he would get it to Neil! It was my closest brush with greatness, and I went home quite happy! Lorne also took one of our new demo's! Check out my latest work at www.powdermunki.com. I think Rush fans would like our new song, 'Someone's Yesterday'! E-mail me back with your comments, and we'll post them on our site!

Thanks! Pat Mauro