Neil Peart ― Select Interviews and Writings



A Conversation with Neil Peart - Drumhead, October 2007

Surviving With Rush - by Nick Krewen, Canadian Composer, April 1986

Neil Peart's first interview with Modern Drummer, April/May 1980



Neil Peart's 100th birthday tribute to Buddy Rich (October 2017) - Rhythm

The Game of Snakes and Arrows - Album essay from

News, Weather, and Sports - Blog from

Bubba's Book Club - Book reviews from

Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill - Recipes from

List of Books -

Gearing up for the Road - Edge Magazine, Issue 10

The Drums of Snakes & Arrows - Modern Drummer, August 2007

Soloing in the Shadows of Giants - Modern Drummer, April 2006

The Quest for New Drums - Modern Drummer, May 1987