S.S. Professor Drum Kit Tour

On September 20, 2005, I went down to Los Angeles to see the S.S. Professor Drum Kit Tour. The event featured Neil Peart's 30th Anniversary drum kit and a clinic put on by Sabian reps Chris Stankee, Bob Morgan, and Neil's drum tech, Lorne Wheaton.

In addition, on this page you'll find links to other stories, photos, and videos from the entire S.S. Professor tour.

The story: close encounter with Neil's drums by Andyo

Just the facts (info Chris, Bob, and Lorne told us along with some of my own observations)

Picture gallery (53 pictures)

Hi-resolution pictures of the S.S. Professor

Pictures from the Canadian Tour

Video walkaround of R30 kit - Santa Clara, California, by John Ackley  

Other reviews - Read reviews from other people who saw the S.S. Professor tour (send your reviews to me here) Updated 10/26/05

Original S.S. Professor announcement

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