Time Machine Rehearsal Kit

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Updated: 11/26/2017

In preparation for the Time Machine tour, Neil Peart used a unique drum kit at Drum Channel for rehearsals that was pieced together from a few different kits. In his May 2010 update "Time Machines," Peart wrote about the recording session for the first two Clockwork Angels songs, "Caravan" and "BU2B," and his subsequent rehearsals: 

I was using the Snakes and Arrows kit for that session, and now, rehearsing for the tour at Drum Channel, I was playing a mish-mash of a setup, based on the "Hockey Kit," that Gump had successfully assembled for me to work with — because just around the corner, at Drum Workshop, a spectacular new drumset was under construction, down to the final details of finishing and assembly. Sometimes Gump and I took a "field trip" over to the factory, to check on its progress.

Some unique aspects of this kit include:

  • The 8- and 10-inch concert toms appear to have a "Natural" finish.
  • The remainder of the kit appears to have a "Burnt Toast" or a variation of "Tobacco Sunburst" finish. (It looks very similiar to Neil's West Coast Kit, but appears lighter.)
  • The 18-inch gong bass drum is set closer to a horizontal angle (looks like 30-degrees instead of 45-degrees).
  • Missing cymbals (from Neil's typical setup) include: 20-inch China, 19-inch China, 14-inch X-hat, and the far left and far right splashes.

This drum kit would also appear in two video releases:

  • Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (Peart is playing "The Hockey Song" on this kit in his intro segment [and breaks a bass drum head]).
  • 2112+Moving Pictures Classic Album (screenshots on this page were taken from this video)

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Special thanks

To reader A.L. Parrott for suggesting that this kit be added to Neil Peart's drum history.

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