Neil Peart - Fact or Fiction

Here are common questions about Neil that I've seen over the years. Let me know if you have any more questions, and I'll see if I can answer them here.

1. Neil Peart has a Ph.D. in percussion (or English)


2. Neil Peart has done drum clinics


3. Neil Peart worships Satan


4. Neil Peart writes all the lyrics for Rush albums


5. Neil Peart has written fiction


6. Neil Peart has given away his drum kits.


7. Neil Peart has won a Grammy award


8. Neil Peart lives in Los Angeles


9. Neil Peart has won literary awards


10. Neil Peart had/has throat cancer.


11. Neil sends autographed postcards to people who send him letters.


12. Neil Peart likes Madonna and 98-degrees.


13. Neil Peart is a fascist.


14. Neil Peart is the only member of Rush not to produce a solo album.