Neil Peart

A 2010 Chromey Christmas Greeting

We'd like to thank all the fans and drumming community for your help and support during the past year. We may have provided the opportunity to see and play this historical drum kit, but this kit really belongs to you, the fans. You're the ones who have made this a success.

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year,

- Dean & Ashley Bobisud

 Chromey Christmas 2010

This vintage Chromey Christmas tree consists of the following parts...

(1) 7' Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Sorry, they sold out of Willow trees!)

(1) 20" Green 8 Lug Tree Stand Base

(12) KSA  Style 2 1/2" Copper Wrap Ornaments

(12) KSA  Style 2 1/2" Chrome Ornaments

 (6) Regency Style 3 1/2" Chrome Ornaments
 (30') Blue & Silver Chrome Garland

(100) Traditions Vintage C9 Lights with Multi Color Ceramic Bulbs

 (24) Promark 747 NP Drumsticks
 (12) LP Brass Bar Chimes

 (1) 7" Starman Tree Topper

  And Last But Not Least - Complimented By...

 (1) 1974 Chrome Slingerland Drum Kit Once Owned and Used by Neil Peart of Rush

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