WAKE - The Gravity




Martin Rose: Guitars, lead vocals

Ryan Anderson: Bass, vocals

Andy Olson: Drums, percussion


Produced by Wake

Recorded and mixed at ElectroKitty studios on various days in the summer of 2001

Engineered by Gary Reynolds

Mastered at Hanzsek Audio by Pete Gerrald

Editing and Sequencing at BlueStarCreeper


Photography and cover art by Bob Keller

Cover design by Anderson/WAKE


The Gravity Tour


Erik Olson's New Year's Bash (pre-tour) - December 31, 2000

The Sunset Tavern - February 2001

The Sunset Tavern - September 21, 2001


Track Listing


The Gravity


A Secret Meadow's Sad Place

Spring Forward/Fall Back

The End of Knowledge


Greed's Grey Matter

1 A.M.